Queen of Hearts Cake

“Off with her head!”  Below is the Queen of Hearts cake tutorial from the Mad Hatter Tea Party.

1.  Take a heart cookie cutter that is the size you want your cake (or cut if free hand if you are daring) and cut two layers of cake.  Then stack them with frosting in between.  Freeze the layers (doesn’t take long for smaller cakes).

2.  Frost the cake, then chill it in the refrigerator.

3.  For the strip of black around the outer edge of the cake there are two ways you can do it.  You can cut a strip of black fondant, or you can use black edible paper (bought at Michaels or online).  I have been curious about this edible paper so went the second route.  It worked well for this because it has a little more stiffness than the fondant so it gave a smoother curve.  Cut a black strip that is the exact height of your cake and long enough to completely cover the outer edge.

4.  Cut out white squares of fondant that are half the size of the height of your black strip, then attach them in a checker pattern with either a little moisture or frosting (water may make the black bleed through a little so frosting is really the best).

5.  Wrap the checker strip around the outside of your frosted heart cake.

6.  Using the heart shape cutter you used for the cake, cut out a black fondant (or edible paper) heart and a red fondant heart.  Cut both hearts in half and piece together two different colored heart pieces.  Lay them on top of your frosted cake and smooth down.  If you are making multiple heart cakes, it looks good to have the colored sides switching so you can just use the other halves of the hearts for the other cakes.  If there are gaps between the outer strip and the heart, you can try to seal the edges with a little bit of moisture or use black royal icing to fill in the gap.  Don’t use white.

7.  Cut out a crown (I did this free hand) in yellow/gold fondant that is approximately 1/3 the width of the heart.  Once it dries, dust it with gold luster dust.

8.  Attach crown with small dab of frosting and you are done!

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