Hat Cake Pops

These Hat Cake Pops are great for birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter… you name it.  You can also make them look more like baby bonnets for a great baby shower dessert.

What you'll need:

-Chilled, unfrosted cake pops (see cake pop tutorial)

-Circle cutters

-Lollipop sticks




-Royal icing*

-Milk or juice cap

*see recipes page


1.  Take your chilled cake pop and cut it in half.  You want it to be the same size as the cap you are using.


2.  Lightly frost the cake pop halves.


3.  Cover the half pops in fondant (color of your choice), then trim the excess off the edges.


4.  Using the same color gumpaste, cut out a larger circle (size depends on the size you want the brim of your hat).  Then lay it on your cap.  You may have to stack two caps if you want a steeper wave in your brim.  Create waves in your brim using cotton to help support them.  Then poke a hole in the center with your lollipop stick.  Allow at least half a day to dry (but overnight is best).


5.  Once your breim is dry, cover it with royal icing and add the chilled and covered half cake pop.


6.  Flip it upside down and add royal icing to the bottom where the hole was poked.  Then insert you stick half way into the cake pop.  Let it rest upside down until the royal icing secures the lollipop stick.  The top of the hat will only slightly flatten, and that's okay.


7.  Once it is dry, decorate the hat.  I used a white royal icing band around the hat, with tiny lavendar gumpaste flowers.  But the options are limitless!  Stick your cake pop in styrofoam so it stands up.  This will allow it to dry without ruining the cake pop or the decorations.


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