Forget flowers to congratulate a performance well done, these are yummier!  Making your own cupcake wrappers is a good way to individualize your cupcakes and save money.  This wrapper is inspired by antique music paper.  Below is the tutorial and template you need to create these wrappers, but you can use the template as an outline to creat your own with different paper. 

To download, just click on the links below or right click to 'save as'.




1.  Make this template fit your specific cupcake.  You can resize it in a word document or image editing program if you want to scale it up or down (no pun intended).  To scale it, measure the base circumference of your cupcake liner and make it match the base line of the wrapper template.  There are three different patterns to use (all from Bach, if you were curious).

2.  Print the template out on ivory card stock paper.  Cut it out.  You can change the lip so it has a more gradual scalloped edge.  Just cut according to taste.

3. Take a lighter and move the lighter close to the top edges but not close enough to light it on fire. You don't want the paper to burn away and it does that very easily (oh, and please do not burn yourself or set your house on fire in the process). Use quick and constant movement with the flame to prevent the paper from lighting.

4.  Use double sided tape to attach the sides together around the decorated cupcake.

5.  Make black gumpaste musical notes and small flowers or roses to top the cupcakes, if desired.


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