Scaredy Cat Cookies

If the craft stores can start in on Halloween, I can too!  Yes, I know its not until October 31st, but all of your fun parties will be before then.  Now you can start planning your goodies!  I will be adding each Halloween tutorial to my Halloween Page.  There will be a tab for it up at the top throughout the season.

These are my Scaredy Cat Cookies.  The cats are made of chocolate and covered in black sugar (which is such a fun Halloween item… available at most craft stores).  This is a really easy cookie to make.  The cats alone make a nice garnish to any Halloween dessert or dish.

What you'll need:

Baked round sugar cookies (I used 3 inch cookies)

Chocolate or dark chocolate candy melts (the easiest)

Black Sugar

Yellow colored fondant

Small amount of frosting

Parchment paper



1.  To make the cats, create your own free-hand or print out this template (click to download):

Scaredy Cat Template Word Document

Scaredy Cat Template PDF

2.  Melt the chocolate in 20 second intervals in the microwave (the candy melts are very user friendly so I prefer those).  Once it is smooth, add it to a piping bag with a small round tip.  You could also use a plastic bag for this but a tip will give you more control.

3.  Place the parchment paper over the template.  You should see it through the parchment paper.  Pipe the outline of the cat in chocolate, then fill in the cat with the chocolate.

4.  While the chocolate is still wet, liberally sprinkle the black sugar on it.  Chill or freeze the cats with the black sugar on.  When I say liberally, I actually mean "dump" the black sugar onto it.  Those cats should be totally covered (yes, there are cats underneath all that black sugar):

5.  Thinly frost your sugar cookies.  You do not want them totally covered or the frosting too thick because you don't want the icing overflowing on the sides.

6.  Roll out the yellow colored fondant very thinly.  Using the same size cookie cutter that you used to make the sugar cookies, cut out round yellow circles.  Then center and press them to the cookie (use a fondant smoother if you have one on hand).

7.  Remove your cats from the parchment paper and brush off all the excess black sugar.  Put a small dab of frosting on the back then attach them to the fondant covered cookie.  Add small amounts of yellow fondant to the cats for the eyes.

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