Mini-Bundt Cake Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween like Jack-o-lanterns.  I've been wanting to do this for years and actually got around to it this year.  This pumpkin shape is made by putting two mini bundt cakes together.  The ridges in mini bundt cake pans are perfect for pumpkins so I just went with it and made sure that I brought those ridges out after putting on the fondant.  Enjoy the tutorial!

What you'll need:

Baked mini bundt cakes (takes two for each pumpkin)

Orange fondant

Black fondant

Green fondant



1.  Cut off the dome or excess cake at the base of two bundt cakes.

2.  Spread a thin amount on the cut side of one of the bundt cakes.  Line up the ridges of your bundt cakes with the cut sides together.

3.  Frost the cakes with a thin layer of frosting.  (I do not follow the cardinal rule of crumb coating in this particular dessert like I would for a tiered fondant cake.)  Run your finger along the ridges after coating it to make sure the buttercream doesn't fill in the ridged shape.

4.  Completely fill in the middle hole with frosting (I use a plastic bag for this).

5.  Lay the orange fondant onto your cake.  The shape makes it a little tricky.  If you can't avoid folds, just try to keep them in the back.  After the fondant is on, run your finger along the ridges to makes those edges more pronounced.

6.  Using the black fondant, cut out the triangles and mouth free-hand or print out a template.  Attach them with a little bit of water.

7.  I love this method of "antiquing".  I take a Q-tip with cocoa powder on it and run it along the ridges.  It gives the pumpkin a more authentic look.

8.  Use the green fondant to finish it off with a stem.


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