Have you seen a cake with a smooth, porcelain finish and wondered what kind of cake it was? It's a fondant cake, and you are probably seeing more and more of them around. Shows like 'Ace of Cakes' and 'Cake Boss' have contributed in ushering in an era of fondant, but they have also added an element of intimidation to the process. How many times have you seen Duff pull out a power tool and thought, “This is way beyond me”? If you learn the basics, it strips away some of the mystery and you find that the art of fondant cakes is not only possible, it's easily self-taught.


There are four basic components to creating a fondant cake:

  1. Baking and leveling

  2. Filling and Crumb Coating

  3. Fondant

  4. Structural support for a tiered cake


While this may not mean much to you yet, it will.


Following is a list of tools that you will need. Most of them are under $6 and can be purchased at craft stores such as Michaels, Joann's, and even Walmart:


cake pan

parchment paper


off-set spatula

straight edge knife

cake boards

fondant (click here for recipe if you want to make it)


fondant smoother

dowels (for multi-tiered cake)

cake drums (optional)


Don't be overwhelmed if these tools sound unfamiliar. I will explain/show you what they are throughout the tutorials.

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