With Labor Day coming up this Monday, you may be looking for an easy but tasty dessert.  Really, its the last party of the Summer so it would be a shame not to incorporate some ice cream.  This is a chocolate cupcake with cherry ice cream (such a fantastic flavor combination).  The method of filling the cupcake with ice cream is the same as the Candy Corn Cupcake tutorial.  Enjoy this end of the Summer treat!

What you'll need:

Chocolate cupcakes

Cherry ice cream

Sharp knife

Sprinkles and frosting to decorate (optional)


1.  Chill or freeze your cupcakes.  Then take a sharp knife and cut a cone/cylinder shape out of the cupcake.

2.  Let your cherry ice cream melt a little bit so it can be more easily spooned into the cupcake.  Using a spoon, fill the hole with ice cream and pat it down.

3.  Slice the top off of the cone/cylinder you cut out of your cupcake.

4.  Put the top over the ice cream and pat down to seal your cupcake back up.  Put the cupcakes back in the freezer until time to be served.

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