Boneyard Cupcakes


A great dessert for both Halloween and pirate themed events.  (Did you know it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th?  Who comes up with this stuff?)  I ran across this bone method on Reader's Digest and thought it was a good way to make the skull and bones. These are my delicious bones… seriously, pretzels covered in white chocolate are the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

What you'll need:

Thin pretzel sticks

Mini marshmallows

White chocolate chips or candy melts

Cake crumbs


Chocolate frosting

White fondant



1.  Place a mini marshmallow on each end of your pretzel sticks with the flat sides of the marshmallow parallel with the pretzel stick.

2.  Melt your white chocolate in a microwaveable bowl in 20 second segments.  Do NOT over heat.  White chocolate is not as forgiving as regular chocolate.  Dip your pretzel in the white chocolate, completely submerging it.  Lift it out with a fork.  Lightly bounce the fork to get the excess white chocolate off the pretzel.  Place it on parchment or wax paper to cool in the fridge or the freezer.

3.  While the pretzels chill and harden, take some fondant and cut out a circle that is roughly the size you want the skull to be.  I roller it out thicker than usual for the skull.

4.  Using a sharp knife, cut out the outline of the teeth (you'll basically be cutting out two triangles at the bottom corners of the circle.  Use your knife to make lines for the teach.  Then cut out eyes and a triangular nose.  Give it at least half an hour to dry.

5.  Lightly frost your cupcake with chocolate frosting, then crumble chocolate cake crumbs over the top (you can also use crumbled cookie to get this dirt look).  Add 2 bones to the cupcake using frosting to form the "x" of the skull and bones.

6.  To prop the fondant skull up on the cupcake, take a pretzel and press it into the cupcake and lean your skull up against it (you can use a little royal icing or frosting to secure it if you like).  Keep the cupcake in a cool place until time to eat (either in a well air-conditioned room or refrigerator).

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