My Cakestand Project


After discovering this idea at The House of Smiths, (and because my sister gave me all the materials), I decided to mark this off my to-do wishlist.  It was surprisingly easy and leaves a ton of room for creativity.  Seriously, it only took 15 minutes to make one (of course, you have to let it dry for a day). 


Glass plate or bowl

glass candlestick or cup

Super glue that works specifically with glass


1.  Apply glue to both the bottom of the plate where the lip of your glass will attach, as well as the lip of your glass.  Let it set for 10 minutes.

2.  Attach the glued glass lip to the bottom of the plate.  Let it dry upside down for 24 hours, or according to your glue directions.


Yes, it really is that easy.

You can even use a bowl instead of a plate.  This works great with trifles!

I played around with this idea by using a martini glass upside down so I could fill it with something.  For example, if I use this dessert stand for a Halloween treat, I could fill the glass with Candy Corn, so it has a colorful base.

I filled the cup with the candy, then put a thick peice of paper on top while I flipped it over onto the surface where I want it to stand.  Then you slide the paper out from under the cup.


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