I saw a blog called Loralee Lewis use this idea of making an orange a Jack-o-Lantern and I really wanted to try it.  But I think trifle we can do better than Jello (no offense, Jello).  To get the black and orange look, I decided to do a Brownie Trifle in the orange.  I like chocolate and orange together, but you could fill these little "pumpkins" with whatever you like!  Its a fun idea for Halloween bowls.

What you'll need:


Sharp thin knife

Narrow Spoon

A little bit of green fondant (optional)

For the Brownie Trifle:

Crumbles brownie

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate chips


1.  Take an orange, cut out a circle at the top, and pull it off the orange.

2.  Cut the pulp off of the circle.  Then take a narrow spoon and dig out the prange innards as you would an actual pumpkin.  If you can get close enough to the skin, it should easily peel away from the rind.

3.  Use a sharp knife to cut out the jack-o-lantern face.  (This is much easier with an orange than it is with a pumpkin so go easy.  Don't mutilate the poor thing!)

4.  Fill your cute pumpkin with whatever you want!

If you use the Brownie Trifle:

1.  Fill the pumpkin with brownie crumbles first.  Lightly press it down so it completely covers the hole of the mouth.  This will prevent pudding from escaping the larger opening of the orange.

2.  Put your pudding in a small plastic bag and cut a large tip.  Fill the orange almost to the top.

3.  Pile choclate chips onto the top.


Now you can add a little green stem using fondant or whatever else you prefer.  Enjoy!


(Don't forget to check out the Halloween Photo Contest!)

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