Layered Cake Balls/Pops

Looking for a different way to do cake pops or cake balls?  You could spice things up by multi-layering the chocolate to get this ring effect.  I had fun experimenting with this idea over the weekend.  The outcome: a cake ball that is less cake and more chocolate.  If you like chocolate, then this is the cake ball for you.  This process would also work for cake pops as long as you have something to prop them up with during the cooling process in the freezer (such as styrofoam).


1.  Make small cake balls, then freeze them.  (See Cake Pop Tutorial for forming the balls.)

2.  Make bowls of different colored dipping chocolates using candy melts.  You can color white candy melts using candy colors.  (If you use the fondant coloring paste, the texture almost looks grainy and it gets a weird texture, but technically still works.)  I would really suggest candy melts for this project because they are MUCH easier to work with.  The bowl of chocolate doesn't harden as quickly and keeps a smoother texture. Don't start dipping until the temperature is slightly cooler.  If its too warm, it will make the chocolate from the previous layer melt.

3.  Dip your cake ball into the color of your choice using a fork to drain off the excess chocolate, then freeze it.  Don't rush this cooling process, or the layers will start to run together.

4.  Repeat step 3, alternately dipping in different colors.

5.  After the last dip, sprinkle on a decoration of your choice.


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