A few months ago my niece had a  circus themed birthday party.  My sister-in-law made really cute popcorn cupcakes with marshmallows.  I had to try the idea out.  It's amazing how much these marshmallows look like popcorn.  When I made these, my kids were begging me for popcorn, they were so convinced it was real.  This is a VERY easy tutorial and turns out great!


(For the cupcake wrapper:)

Cardstock paper

Wrapper template

Red paint or pens

Double-sided tape

(For the cupcakes:)


White frosting

Bake cupcakes

scissors (food safe)

Yellow petal dust or luster dust (optional)


1.  If you want to make the cupcake wrapper to go with the cupcakes, download the Blank Cupcake Wrapper PDF file below (just click on the link to download).  You will want to re-size it so the bottom line equals the length of the bottom circumference of your cupcake.  Print it on white cardstock then cut it out.  You can add the red stripes with red markers or paint.  Once you have finished, wrap it around your cupcakes and seal it in the back with double-sided tape.

Blank Cupcake Wrapper PDF

2.  Take your marshmallow and cut a little less than half way into one of the flat ends of the marshmallow.

3.  On the same side, turn it and cut a perpindicular line (basically make an "X" on the end of the marshmallow).

4.  Repeat this on the other flat end of your marshmallow.  Then spread all the little sections out to make it look like popcorn.

5.  Pipe frosting onto your cupcakes (I pipe it on to try to avoid touching the cupcake wrapper).  Pile your "popcorn" onto the frosting.  As a finishing touch, you can dust your popcorn with yellow petal dust or luster dust with an unused paint brush.  This is optional, but I love the yellow tint it gives the popcorn.




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