Cakes do not have to be circular or square.  Think outside of the box.  Shaped cakes are getting more and more popular now that fondant is more commonly used.  If you are having a birthday or baby shower, try sculpting a cake.  The concept is easier than you think.  For example, this purse cake was shaved from a tall rectangle.  I baked a sheet cake, cut it into quarters, filled and stacked 2 layers together with a cake board and did the same for the remaining two.  Then I stacked those and froze them, which is very important with shaving a shape into a cake.  After shaving the desired shape, I ran dowels into it to help support it, then buttercreamed it and put the fondant on.  At that point, you can have fun accessorizing!


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Kasey (Guest Author)

About Kasey (Guest Author)

Kasey has been making cakes for 5 years, both in Florida and California. She specializes in fondant cakes and has a good eye for detail.