Calling all Cake-poppers!

(yes, I made a new word)


If you are doing Easter Egg cake pops or cake balls this week, play around with different ideas.  I’d love to see them!   Send me an email.

This was a brief experiment I tried, going for a more psychedelic look.  You can try mixing different colors of chocolate to coat the “egg”.

1.  Melt down the colors you want (Michaels or Joanns always have a pretty wide variety of chocolate melts) such as pink, purple, green, etc.

2.  Put small spoonfuls into your base color, (I used white as a base color), then take a knife and lightly run it through the top swirling the colors together.

3.  If you want thinner, bolder streaks in it, you can dip a knife in gel fondant coloring and streak it along the top as well.  (Note:  I found that this does not work quite as well as just using colored chocolate.)

4.  Be sure not to over swirl or the colors just blend together and form a “mutant” color.  Also, be aware that every few eggs will need a new batch of chocolate as to avoid over-mixing.


Experiment with your Easter cake pops and send them to me!  

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