Fondant Angry Birds

My children's birthdays are a great excuse to try something different with fondant, and this year it was Angry Birds!  I used these fondant angry birds to decorate a large cake and cupcakes.  The trick is to identify different basic shapes in a photo that you want to replicate in fondant and put it all together.  In this case:

-a red circle for the main body

-half an oval for the white chest

-yellow half circle for the yellow bottom half of the beak

-yellow weird triangle for the top half of the beak

-white small circles for the eyes

-even smaller black circles for the pupils

-free-hand 2 red tear drops for the feathers at the top

-black rectangles for the eyebrows

-free-hand black shapes for the tail


Remember it only takes the lightest dab of water for fondant to adhere to itself.  You can try this process with almost anything.  Get creative!

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