Continuing with the Easter theme, this is a bird nest cupcake made out of chocolate curls.  Very easy, very yummy, very cute.

What you'll need:

Lightly frosted cupcakes (preferrably chocolate frosting)

Bar of chocolate

peeler (like a carrot peeler)

jelly bean eggs or chocolate eggs


1.  You need a rather large chunk or peice of chocolate.  I had an Easter bunny on hand so I just used that.

2.  Take your peeler and run it down the side of the choclate.  The longer the piece of chocolate, the thicker the curls.  Experiment with directions to find what makes the prettiest curls with your chocolate piece.

3.  Take a portion of your curls (or failed curls) and crumble them up.  You want a basic layer of bits of chocolate to cover the top of the cupcake so you don't see frosting.

4.  Now arrange your nicest curls in a circle along the edges, and if you have room, another circle in the middle of that one.  Be ultra careful!  These curls break very easily so it takes a light touch to arrange them.

5.  Nestle 3 or 4 bird eggs into the center of your curls.  The last touch is to crumble a few more curls and sprinkle them over the entire top of the cupcake to give the curls a more authentic nest look.  And you're done, show them off!

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