After doing my meringue toadstool tutorial, the Super Mario Brothers mushroom was the next logical step for any Mom who has kids obsessed with the game (who am I kidding, I used to be the one obsessed with the game when I was a kid).  This is a fantastic addition to any video game themed party.  I often see requests for Mario Brothers birthday cakes, and these edible cookies go great alongside them.  Let the geek in you come out, and enjoy!

What you’ll need:

Meringue cookie batter (see my recipe/directions for meringue here)

green food coloring/gel

ziploc bags or piping bags

foil or parchment paper

small amount of chocolate chips

1.  Put half of your batter in a ziploc bag (corner snipped) and color the remaining batter green.  Once it is the shade of green you want, put it in a ziploc bag also.  Pipe a hershey kiss shape mound onto the foil with your white batter.  Then pipe a slightly larger mound of green (drag the tip around the side to prevent having a peak on the green mound).

2.  Take your white batter and insert the tip barely into the 4 sides of the green mound and slowly pipe until you have a white dot in each side of the green mound.  If you don’t insert it far enough, it will just look like little white mounds on top of a bigger green mound… which is okay I guess, you’re preference.


3.  Bake according to the directions.  Then attach the bottom part of the mushroom to the top using melted chocolate chips (see the meringue toadstool tutorial for an example of how to do this).  Put the remaining melted chocolate into a ziploc bag.  Snip the corner and pipe the eyes onto your mushroom.



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