Cake Push Pops!

Push pops were a coveted dessert of my childhood, but I haven’t thought much about it since then… until now.  Cake Push Pops, what a marvelous idea!  The Options are endless and the main draw of such a dessert is its presentation.  These are really perfect for parties, and scrumptious too (probably due to the high frosting to cake ratio).  You can display some really zany colors.   If you are doing a baby shower, these are perfect in blues and pinks.  Many of them even come with lids to top it.

I made this by cutting thin layers of cake (with the actual push pop container edge) and layering them with frosting in between.  You can then sprinkle the top with whatever you choose.

The only drawback is that they are not readily available at local stores.  The good news is that after contacting stores in my area, I got the serious vibe that they would be hitting shelves pretty soon, at least in cake supply stores.

Here are some online stores that allow you to purchase the push pop containers:


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