Banana Split Cupcakes

I'm trying to enjoy Summer as much as I can before the Fall comes… and banana splits just ooze that summer feeling.  So I made this deceptive cupcake rendition.  Its a unique and fun way to display cupcakes!

Basic directions:  Use a wide tip to pipe thick spirals on top of your cupcakes.  Microwave chocolate chips (in 15 second segments) until completely melted.  Slowly pour on top of cupcake.  Decorate with sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet.  Top with a Maraschino Cherry (you might want to pat the cherries dry first).  The end result should look like a banana split, but be full of cupcake deliciousness!

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I owned a successful wedding cake business for 4 years. I currently stay at home full-time running after my two boys. I started this DIY cake blog to encourage others to explore the world of creative desserts.