So, I gotta know… cupcakes at weddings?  My husband likes to say, “What does Chuck E. Cheese and your wedding have in common?  Cupcakes!”  Now, that might be a little strong, but it raises a legitimate question.  Is this cupcake wedding thing a fad or is it around to stay.  Are cupcakes classy enough?  What is your opinion?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love cupcakes.  Just not for weddings so much, but I am a little biased being so fond of fondant (having done a bazillion cupcakes for a customer this last year might have tipped the scales too… took for-e-ver).

Let me know what you think.  If you have a picture of cupcakes that look classy and work for a wedding, try to change my mind and send it to me.  If its really great, I’ll feature it on my blog.  Let the discussion begin!

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I owned a successful wedding cake business for 4 years. I currently stay at home full-time running after my two boys. I started this DIY cake blog to encourage others to explore the world of creative desserts.