Art Deco Meets Fondant

What in the world is art deco?  Here’s a very brief art history lesson: art deco came into style in the 1920’s and stuck around through the 1930’s, with a resurgence again in the 1960’s.  While originating in Paris, this style was actually inspired by ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms.  It was a departure from the organic curves that dominated style prior.  It focuses more on linear symmetry, with a more abstract and eclectic feel.

This cake is a 4 tier, square cake that has quite a bit of the art deco influence, especially the top tier.  The bottom tier is studded with pearls in a very geometric pattern (not random) while the 2nd from the bottom is sprayed with diagonal pearlescent stripes.  The 3rd tier from the bottom is the swirly pattern that you see a lot these days but with the occasional chocolate pearl.  The top tier is where we combine all of the art deco elements and is a very modern design that would look great on an entire cake.

I often look at fabrics and paintings when needing cake design inspirations.  If you are interested in trying an art deco design, here are a few pics that might get those ideas flowing.


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