I have noticed that some people/bakeries place all of the importance on visual presentation. While presentation is important, its certainly not everything. The success of a cake baker does not depend solely on the quality of the decoration of their cakes. If your cake tastes like cardboard, you will lose people’s interest.

The reason behind some of the better looking cakes tasting a lot less impressive is that the dry and thick (aka hard to swallow) cakes are easier to stack. There is much less bulging, falling apart, and structural issues. Therefore, 9 times out of ten, it will be a hassle free cake to decorate. This may sound like a nice solution for you, but I promise you can make cake taste good and look good. By following tips on preventing bulging (see article “Battle of the Bulge”), you can be a step ahead of the others and have the advantage of better tasting cake. Try not to sacrifice taste for beauty.

A good way to marry the two is to experiment with baking. Use unique flavors that aren’t already out there. Some of our most popular flavors included pistachio and raspberry. They were so unique, that people came back to us for those specific flavors since they couldn’t get it anywhere else.

Experimenting involves more than just trying a recipe once. I have probably made dozens of versions of my cake flavors until I found just the right mix of flavor and texture. It can be time consuming, but it can also be fun and rewarding. Some truly wonderful combinations are born when you get creative with flavors.

So get creative. Experimenting can gain you a loyal fan base, whether professionally or within your social circle.

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