Chalkboard Cookies

Its almost time for the school year to start.  With a son starting school this year (he’s ready… I’m a nervous wreck), I’ve been playing with school themes.  These are chalkboard cookies I made that fit any kind of school theme: back to school, teacher appreciation, end of school, teacher’s birthday, etc.  Below is a tutorial on putting these together.  Have fun!


-Baked Sugar Cookies (rectangle shape, I made mine approximately 3-1/2″ x 2-3/4″)

-Small amount of powdered sugar


-Dark green colored fondant (I combined leaf green and black fondant coloring gel)

-Brown fondant (I combined black and brown fondant coloring gel)

-Small amount of red fondant, white fondant and black fondant

*For this design, I would suggest using Marshmallow fondant.  While MMF is difficult to cover cakes with, it is ideal for this: MMF tastes GREAT and its CHEAP.  Here’s a link to the recipe.)


1.  You will want to start by rolling out your green fondant and cutting a rectangle that is just slightly smaller than your cookie (approximately 1/4″ smaller)

2.  For an authentic chalkboard look, I rubbed in some powdered sugar to give it an “erased” look.  I use Q-tips but a finger works just fine.

3.  To make the writing look a little more like chalk, I cut a very small tip on my icing bag.

4.  Next, apply a steady pressure, but move slowly so the icing looks “wriggly” and not straight.  Write whatever you want written on the “chalkboard”.

5.  Apply icing to the sugar cookie, then spread it out evenly.  Attach the chalkboard fondant rectangle to the sugar cookie.  Make sure the icing has not been spread too close to the edges.  You don’t want white peaking out.

6.  Roll out a string of brown fondant the width of the chalkboard fondant.  Moisten the bottom edge of the fondant with water

7.  Attach the brown fondant string to the moistened bottom edge of the fondant rectangle (moisture will cement fondant to itself once it is dry)

8.  To make the accessories, cut out a small circle of red fondant and attach a brown fondant stem.  Cut out a small trapezoid-like figure out of the black fondant for the eraser.  Cut out a long white rectangle for the piece of chalk.  Attach all three with a tiny bit of water (tiny).

Box it up and make sure it gets to the teacher uneaten!

Make sure you check out our Photo Contest (there’s a ton of prizes with this one!)


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