[Sarah is a friend of mine who told me about the rave reviews she received after serving this at her wedding.  And I can believe it.  The title alone is enough, and the pictures are pure eye candy.  Thank you for the post Sarah!]

Access to gluten free goods that are actually GOOD just keeps getting better. And fast. But when I was planning my wedding two years ago, I didn’t have many options. My husband insisted that our wedding be absent of food that I could not eat. Which meant making our own cupcakes (from a mix, a good mix, but a mix nontheless) and delicious macrons from a local bakery. For the cake, I enlisted the aide of my very talented friend, Sallee (click here to see her blog), to create something yummy for us. She adapted the recipe from her husband’s grandmother who had been gluten free baling for some odd 70 years. Yada yada yada….. two years later people are still asking us for the recipe for this delicious cake from our wedding.

I’ve made them a couple times recently as cupcakes, because, single serving cake is fun. I love the slightly rustic asthetic with the toasted coconut and could eat the frosting by the spoonful. That is till I went into a blissfully sugar induced coma.

Gluten Free Coconut Cake with Key Lime Frosting
1/3 cup butter
1 cup sugar
5 egg yolks
1 cup rice flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup grated coconut
5 egg whites, stiffly beaten
Beat the butter and sugar together in a bowl. Gradually add the egg yolks and beat until very light and creamy (you’ll know when it’s done because it will be the color of sunshine and happiness). Add the rice flour, salt, and coconut and stir until just combined. By hand, fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Line muffin pans with paper cases and fill two-thirds full with the cake mixture. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Turn out and cool on a rack.

Key Lime Frosting
1/4 c butter
1 lb powdered sugar
zest from 2 key limes
Juice from 2 key limes
Milk (between 2 and 6 tbs)
1/2 c toasted coconut (you can toast coconut in the microwave–just nuke it in 30 second intervals stirring after each until you have a nice brown color)

Cream the butter and lime zest for about a minute. Add lime juice and powdered sugar. With mixer going add milk slowly until you have the texture that you want (some people like fluffy frosting some people like dense frosting–just depends on what you like).

Frost cooled cupcakes and dip them in toasted coconut.

[Sarah, you and Sallee both rock!]

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