Edible Pearls Tutorial

There are so many things you can do with pearls on a cake or dessert… but, obviously, they must be edible.  You can buy them online or you can simply make them yourself!

What you’ll need:

white fondant

pearl luster dust

circle cutter


1.  Roll out your fondant (the thickness will depend on how big you want your pearls to be.  Just make sure it is rolled out evenly.)

2.  Use a circle cutter (again, the width will depend on how large you want the pearl).  This is to ensure that you are using the same amount of fondant for each pearl so they all come out the same size.

3.  Knead and roll the circles into small balls (kneading first will prevent you from seeing any line or joints in the pearl).  Let them dry.

4.  Put your pearl luster dust in small bowl.

5.  Roll the fondant balls in the luster dust.

Add a little elegance to your cakes, cupcakes, or cookies with your pearls.

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