Have a butterfly party!  And the perfect touch to a butterfly party is white chocolate butterflies!  You can decorate cake, cupcakes, or even just a table with these beautiful (and yummy) additions.  You could even have the making of the butterflies be the party itself.  This is just the sort of thing little girls love!


What you’ll need:

white candy melts (white chocolate)


parchment paper

drawn butterfly outline

royal icing

luster dust (optional)

fondant gel coloring (color of your choice)

piping bag

edible pearls

1.  Put the candy melts in a glass bowl and microwave it according to the package directions.

2.  Make sure all the pieces are completely melted.  (If you are coloring the chocolate, you would add the gel coloring at this point and mix thoroughly.)

3.  Tape your butterfly outlines to the back of the parchment paper.

4.  Pipe the color chocolate along the outline.

5.  Fill in the outline with the white chocolate.

6.  Take your toothpick and drag the color chocolate swirling it through the white chocolate.

7.  Let your butterflies dry.  Once they are dry Luster dust them with a brush if you want the shimmery effect.

8.  To “glue” the wings together, I use royal icing.  Prop open a book until it is at the angle that you want your butterfly wings.  Line it with parchment paper.

9.  Pipe royal icing at the bottom and prop wings up in the royal icing.  Wait until it is completely dry.

10.  After attaching butterflies to my cake or cupcakes, I like to add edible pearls for the body and head.  (To make your own edible pearls, see Edible Pearls Tutorial)

11.  As a finishing touch you can add anything you like for antennas.  I usually pipe chocolate antennas and stick them in with royal icing after they dry.


*Okay, I just have to say, aren’t my triplet nieces precious!

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