Petit Four Names

Petit Fours are a relatively easy treat to make and offer many different decorating options.  These edible letters make great gifts,  birthday decorations, party favors, etc.

What you’ll need:

Petit Four pourable fondant*

Pound Cake**

Letter Cut Outs

*(See Pourable Fondant Recipe.  Its very easy to do!)

**(See Pound Cake Recipe.)

– – – – – – – – – – –

1.  Cut a slice of pound cake that has your desired thickness (I used 1/2 an inch).  Take your letter cutter and press into the slice.

2.  You want to make sure it is very clean and without crumbs.  Freezing it before cutting helps.

3.  Place the letter on a rack or slotted utensil and hold over the bowl.


4.  Generously spoon or pour the fondant over the letter, letting the excess drain of the cake.  (You’ll need to work quickly with the fondant or keep it over a bowl of warm water.)


5.  Very gently move it to a rack or parchment paper.  Wait for it to completely dry.  After it’s dry, handle gently because the frosting will crack if you move it around to much.

Now decorate it however you like!

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