This is a series of articles that will guide you through all of the steps for making a fondant cake.  There are also some video tutorials that supplement these well.

Cake Basics Articles: Introduction

ShareINTRODUCTION   Have you seen a cake with a smooth, porcelain finish and wondered what kind of cake it was? It's a fondant cake, and […]

Cake Basics Part 1: Baking and Leveling

ShareBAKING AND LEVELING   The beginning of a cake is really one of the most important parts. Following these guidelines will give you a good […]

Cake Basics Part 2: Filling and Crumb Coating

Share  FILLING AND CRUMB COATING   Its an awful feeling when you've spent most of the night working on a cake only to wake up […]

Cake Basics Part 3: Fondant

Share FONDANT The Mona Lisa wasn’t the only great thing to come out of the Renaissance period. A lesser known gift is fondant. Yes, it […]

Cake Basics Part 4: Cake Support

ShareCAKE SUPPORT It was my friend’s first wedding cake, and after setting it up on site, everyone was pleased with how wonderful it turned out.  […]

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