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Marshmallow Frosting

Share I love marshmallows and I love frosting, it's the perfect union!  I always double this recipe.  Doubled, it barely fits in a regular size […]

Pistachio Cake

Share  When I began selling cakes, this was one of my favorites.  It was so unique that, while not a typical flavor, it brought in […]

Sugar Dream Cookie Recipe

Share  Growing up near a cookie shop called Hungry Bear Cookies, I learned early in life how delicious a cookie could be (and expensive, but […]

Whipped Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Share This is one of my absolute favorite recipes.  It surpasses any store bought frosting by miles and it is REALLY easy.  Use it as […]

Ghost Marshmallow Trifle

Share  This is my favorite kind of ghost.  I have seen people do this technique with chocolate syrup (which you certainly can do by painting […]

Buttercream Recipes

Share What is the difference between regular frosting (the kind you pick up at the store) and buttercream?  So glad you asked.  Buttercream is a […]

S’mores Pops

Share  [When I first heard of National S’mores Day (which is today) I knew exactly what I wanted to post.  This is from Kristen’s Decorate […]

S’mores Trifle

Share Did you know August 10th is National S’mores Day?  I don’t know who creates these random holidays, but this is one I can get […]

Pound Cake Recipe

SharePound Cake Ingredients: 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese 1-1/2 cups butter 3 cups white sugar 6 eggs 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp almond […]

Sugar Cookie Recipe

ShareSince posting the Chalkboard Cookie tutorial Monday, I thought a good sugar cookie recipe might be in order today.  This is the recipe I use […]

Pourable Fondant Recipe

ShareHere is a pourable fondant recipe I’ve been using.  I like to tweak the flavorings until I get them the way I like them.  So, […]

Royal Icing Recipes and Tips

ShareRoyal Icing is a basic staple of cake decorating.  It looks like buttercream frosting but hardens with a matte finish.  This stuff is amazing.  Its […]

Coconut Cake with Tropical Fruit Salsa

ShareI call it my Ohana Flake Cake.  This is a recipe I came up with about 4 years ago that always satiates my coconut cravings.  […]

Making Sugar Globes

ShareITS NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK! I always used to shy away from using sugar art… I mean, you have to use a candy […]

Blue Velvet Cake Recipe

Share Red Velvet Cake is good, but Blue is even better!  I love the rich blue color you get with this recipe, and it is […]

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe and Tips

ShareI confess, I used to nibble on Play Dough as a kid. There was something about the consistency that drew me in. Anything that fun […]

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